I’m a designer with an undying
passion for experience design., brand design., product design.

My Journey Thus Far


2008        Laguna Beach

First Design Job

Out of sheer luck, I met one of the owners of Fuzegroup during a slow shift at Starbucks. Our over the counter conversation started as "What can I get for you?" ended with "Come in for an interview." I was still a student at the time, so this was a dream come true being able to work on real world projects for real clients.


2012        Venice Beach

Best in Class

You'd be hard pressed to find another studio better than B-Reel. Definitely one of my fondest memories to date. The people who work there are so relentless in their pursuit of perfection that it makes my OCD seem trivial. I worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from web to live action.

Booz Digital

2013        Manhattan Beach

Uncharted Territories

Joining Booz Digital was a leap of faith. Traditionally known for management consulting, Booz & Co. set out to become the first of its competitors to venture into the digital space. During my time there, I focused on bringing business ideas to life through storytelling, design, and rapid prototyping.

BCG Digital Ventures

2014        Manhattan Beach

Invent, Launch, and Scale

Working at BCGDV was a once in a lifetime opportunity where I got to experience both the business and startup world at the fastest pace imaginable. My role as Lead Designer allowed me to work with some of the most powerful and smartest people in the world building new businesses and solutions for fortune 500 companies.


2018        El Segundo

Founding Team Member

As Head of Design, I have been involved since the very meeting RepairSmith became an idea in a brainstorming session. From proof of concept to the first market viability test to now having footprint in over 375 cities in the West Coast, RepairSmith is changing the status quo of auto repair.

Select Works


Auto repair startup


A product idea created based on my passion for singing

RBC MyAdvisor

A digital service that makes managing finances simple & easy


The global LEGO Shop (e-commerce) redesign