A product idea created based on my passion for singing.

    My Role
  • This was a solo project and I worked on everything from market research, user research, experience design, product design, brand design, to strategy and more.

What is Supernova?

A singing platform designed for artists aspired to become the next big star.

Think e-sports for singing.

The Problem

Path to stardom is unclear, difficult, and often blocked by limited opportunities.

Methods and tools for learning and improving how to sing not easily accessible or helpful.

Unsure how to get better other than spending more time, which is inefficient, slow, and may lead to more harm than good.

The Addressable Market

Supernova is for anybody that enjoys music or singing, which is pretty inclusive. However, the market most primed for success is China.

“China loves music. Nearly 75% of its 1.3-billion-strong population listens to music regularly”—Quartz Media

“Music spending is expected to reach $56 trillion over the next decade.”—Nielsen Music 360 China Report

Total Addressable Market in China

  • $56 trillion over the next decade
  • 975 million people (75% of China’s population)

Sources: Nielsen Music 360 China Report & Quartz Media

Target Personas

Age  ∙  10’s-40’s

Mindset  ∙  Serious about singing

Mode of Singing  ∙  Likes to perform and compete

Primary Painpoint  ∙  Path forward unclear

Age  ∙  10’s-50’s

Mindset  ∙  Sings for fun

Mode of Singing  ∙  Goes to karaokes often

Primary Painpoint  ∙  Unsure how to get better

Unmet Needs

Singing is a way of life in China and thats no surprise. Whats astonishing, however, is the glaring amount of unmet needs surrounding it.

Being able to sing whenever is great, but that barely scratches the surface of what is truly desired. After all singing a lot has nothing to do with being good at it.

Supernova solves painpoints by providing:

  • A simple yet flexible platform that gives aspiring singers a clear path to stardom.

  • An unique user experience thats designed to help develop on all aspects of singing.

  • A safe and private environment to practice or perform without the fear and stress.

  • An alternative and easily accessible way to train, perform, or compete, whenever, wherever.

Dean Wang, Kryalie, IM EVIE

Product Design

A full product roadmap of features have been thought through and designed.

This section highlights 2 select MVP features

Voice Typing

One of the biggest mistakes almost all singers commit at one stage is picking songs that are not suited for them.

Have you ever wondered why there are certain songs you can't sing? Or how sometimes you sound amazing singing one song only to sound terrible on the next one?

The voice typing feature solves this by:

  • Finding the user's voice type (e.g. Soprano, Tenor, Bass, etc)

  • Determining their vocal range (e.g. highest & lowest)

  • Providing users with each song's key as well as the song's highest and lowest notes

Test for your vocal range in seconds

See your full vocal range (low—a2, high—a4, falsetto—c5) translated to your personal voice type (baritone)

Pick songs that fit your range!

Cue Notes

Singing as a craft requires a lot of focus and attention to details—when should you use your chest voice vs head voice vs falsetto? For a lot of enthusiasts, the added layer of stress and nervousness when singing in front of others can quickly become overwhelming.

Similar to how professional musicians annotate their sheet music to remind themselves of potential pitfalls, users in Supernova can annotate their lyrics and personalize every song to match their singing style.

Need to remind yourself to take a breath before a certain part? Or make sure to sing a certain note in falsetto before dropping back down a register? You can do all that simply by marking up the lyrics.

Example of annotated sheet musicSource: Douglas Niedt

Training mode UI with Cue Notes off

Highlight lyrics and annotate in any hints or reminders

See your Cue Notes in action while you sing and never miss a beat again

App Experience

The app experience is built around 4 core modes: train, KTV, perform, and compete.

Compete will be the users’ ultimate goal, where winning is their path to stardom.

The other 3 modes, train, KTV, and perform are in place to effectively help users develop and improve—gettting them to the point where they feel they are ready to compete.

Losing is not the end either. The user can simply go back to any of the other modes to practice until they are ready for another shot.


  • Train (Practicing & Recording Session)
  • KTV (Public Karaoke Room)
  • Perform (Personal Live Streaming Channel)
  • Compete (Win to Become a Star)

Non-linear UX caters to users of all singing levels

Full Journey

Want to See More?

A lot more work has been put into this including additional UI/UX, brand design competitive landscape, revenue model, user acquisition, go-to-market, and more.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to see more

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